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 Are you interested in helping? We have an immediate need for volunteers to assist with our senior activities.  Volunteers are integral to every part of our organization. Come join the fun, connect with our seniors, make new friends – all while making a difference. 


There are many opportunities to bring your creative flair or administrative talents and help us with our social media platforms and marketing materials, and general office functions. 


Do you have a specific area of expertise that could be the start of a wellness program for our seniors? Yoga, nutrition, leading nature walks, computer skills, social media, the possibilities are limitless. Bring your ideas and experience the excitement of getting involved at the ground floor of an organization and influencing the direction.


Call 720-835-8776 or email

Fundraising Opportunities
Little Girl with Christmas Present
Volunteer Team

Fundraising Opportunities

Do Good Together


Whatever You Can Spare

Volunteer Opportunities

Every Little Bit Counts

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